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rootdisco, a new chapter of AYFL? (“Are You Feeling Lucky?”)

An experiential art installation set in the woods, for text, sculpture and sound design
by Alexis Diamond (text and narration), Marjukka Erälinna (concept),
Marko Erälinna (sculpture) and Tommi Hinkkanen (sound design),
with Juana Rubio (sound recording and editing of voice narration) 


Guided by the steady hum of a gently pulsing soundscape, you are drawn through the woods by a voice narrating mundane actions and describing natural phenomena in the language of the everyday, only to happen upon larger-than-life creatures shimmering on the shore or disco balls glittering in the woods. Figments of your imagination, or parts of the landscape? Human intrusion or organic manifestation?

You decide.  


In overlapping and interconnected loops, these three key elements—text, sculpture, sound design—aim to create a balance between sky and ground, between lightness and rootedness, between the corporeal and the abstract, between human action and the natural world. 


one-true-cha-cha-cha, like the dance for which it is named, is about movement organized and systematized by repetition. A major component of daily life, repetition breeds familiarity and attachment, a sense of comfort. But what happens when that repetition is disrupted? Could the effect be positive: heightened awareness, deeper presence, greater stillness, increased happiness? And how do we then return to our daily lives with a richer sense of the micro-actions that make up the loops of its repetition?



By amplifying and distorting the repetition of sound and text in an outdoor setting, one-true-cha-cha-cha invites your awareness and engagement: to move, to walk, to investigate, to dance, to be still, to find your roots or to reach to the sky, to close your eyes and listen... and to sparkle.   



Writer Alexis Diamond (Canada) and contemporary-circus artist Marjukka Erälinna (Finland) continue to elaborate their unique form of poetic postdramatic circus-theatre—

an organic combination of the scripted and the improvised—in their large-scale, modular, multi-chapter work-in-progress AYFL? ("Are You Feeling Lucky?") (2016-2024).

Their emerging methodology is rooted in the slow, respectful, organic cultivation of empathetic relationships between every element of performance, from the site itself to the objects, each other, guest collaborators, each audience member. They draw their inspiration from the natural world, science, philosophy, and the interaction of art forms.


Superwood Festival

1-3 October 2021

Hotel Rantapuisto
Furuborginkatu 3,
00980 Helsinki

25.10.-21.11.2021 (1. KRS CARLINGSIN VIERESSÄ)

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