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Soliciting prophecy project. Scapegoat Carnival Theatre

“The word prophecy is an ancient Greek compound meaning to tell in advance, but in its long and varied history, prophets have also criticized authority, admonished nations, and conveyed divine messages through frenzied performances. We are approaching prophecy as a conduit for our fellow artists’ deep anxieties and hopes, their intuitive responses and visions of the world to come. The group includes artists from Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.”

First Flush of a Gleaming New Age

Directed  by: Alexis Diamond

Artist Collaborator:  Juana Rubio, Videography and Sound design.


Réalisation, et conception sonore: Juana Rubio

In a near post-pandemic future, Myriam follows the signs revealed to her in a dream to fulfill the prophecy of the Great Flush.

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